Monday, December 15, 2008

Heart Gallery

This weekend I shot some more kids for Heart Gallery. They are an organization who helps foster children find safe, loving homes. I found out that Gerald was adopted because his parents saw the photo I took of him in the Queens local paper and now he has a home and a family. His life will change forever. When I photographed him last, he told me that he had nobody in the world. Can you imagine being a 13 year old kid and not having anyone.. no friends, no family, no love? Well I'm so psyched that now he does! So this weekend I shot two girls named Egypt and Selina. They're both really awesome. Egypt is really outgoing, and Selina was so shy she hid in her coat the whole time, but by the end of the day she was jumping up and down, hugging me. So sweet. I love those kids. I hope they find awesome families to be a part of.